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Technology that serves an integrated and efficient health system

Health services are currently very competitive.  Patients are becoming steadily more stringent in their expectations, and choose health care providers not only for the quality of their medical services, but choose hospitals, laboratories and medical centers for their comprehensive care for patients, and comprehensive care for beneficiaries when choosing public and private health insurers.

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An information highway: “Electronic Authorization” revolutionizes the health care system

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Successful Alliance between Teletón and SONDA

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Miniclinic offers fast health service with SONDA solution

Client: MINICLINIC Industry: Health Solution: Innovative and efficient health service that provides prompt medical assistance, at a competitive price Category:...

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Cruz del Norte Hospital (SQM) increases operational and hospital efficiency thanks to SONDA solution

Client: SQM Industry: Health Solution: Suite Escritorio Médico Electrónico

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SONDA IT supports a pioneer tele-medicine project in Sergipe

Client: Universidad Federal de Sergipe Industry: Health Solution: Establish a pioneer project under Cisco's overall social responsibility program, called "Connected...

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