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We want you to meet the women who make up our organization

And provide unique talents. Their life stories transform SONDA and those around them. Leaders in their areas, they are the mentors that today's world needs to guide the changes of the future. Learn about their experiences!

Empowering the Leaders of the Future

Every day hundreds of SONDA collaborators lead and support the digital transformation of our clients. The presence of women in the company expands and complements our diversity of talents.

We want to continue enhancing this diversity, because we are convinced that the different perspectives and visions that make up our teams help us generate innovation that transforms.

The SONDA Women Program initiatives seek to increase the representation of women in the IT world, in addition to preparing and inspiring our women to continue growing with us.

Read the testimonies of the women who participated in the
Women's Mentoring Program:


  • "I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with more women from SONDA. I revealed a lot about the realities that we women experience from leadership, where it was inspiring to understand our virtues as women leaders. It was enriching to see myself in retrospect, to understand and to be aware of the road traveled.”

    Diana Guerrero

    Cloud & Datacenter Manager

  • “I want to thank SONDA for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this excellent initiative. In each session, we were each able to contribute our own perspective. We learned, enjoyed and nourished ourselves a lot. It was a very rewarding and enriching experience. I received many tools to help myself continue growing, advancing and developing both professionally and personally."

    Claudia Polanco

    Head of Services

  • "It was an incredible experience. I was able to hear about different realities and contribute my own story regarding the professional development of the women of SONDA, sharing knowledge and specific experiences of what I have gone through in my professional development. It's a great initiative and I'm happy to have participated.”

    Carolina Galleguillos

    Director of Services

Meet the women who transform the IT world!

  • sonda

    Marcela Morales

    Corporate Health Manager

    “Women must dare to face challenges that seem complex or unattainable.”

  • sonda

    Silvia Ramos

    General Manager SONDA Ecuador

    “I invite you to take that first step, to take that leap of faith that will allow you to look beyond and demonstrate what we are capable of.”

  • sonda

    Adriana Sánchez

    Commercial Director of the Industry and Commerce Division of SONDA Colombia

    "Women are called on to be protagonists of the transformations required for the present and the future."

  • sonda

    Violeta González Silva

    Marketing Business Leader Chile

    "We must lose our fear and dare to grow in this industry full of opportunities. We can achieve anything we set out to do, regardless of age.”

  • sonda

    Anabella Bergamin

    Operation Delivery Manager at SONDA Mexico

    “Take a chance: facing challenges that seem impossible is always a learning opportunity.”

  • sonda

    Daniela Miranda

    Manager of Comptroller's Office in SONDA Brazil

    "For women to gain new space, it is important that we create alliances with other women and our work teams. We can lead and face challenges that seem complex. ”

  • sonda

    Zilda Hessel

    Director of AMS, IT Services Brazil

    “Diversity is an essential value for success, as different visions and capabilities converge around a collective goal. It is therefore essential that women trust our talent.”

  • sonda

    Andrea Díaz

    Commercial Manager SONDA Chile

    “You have to dare, you can always go beyond what you think you can.”

  • sonda

    Karla Gutierrez

    Service Delivery Manager, WPS Mexico Management

    “Women, challenge yourselves! Those times when IT was believed to be for men only are long gone. At SONDA, we are also leading the transformation in our clients' businesses, because talent is not just a gender issue.”

  • sonda

    María Fernanda Bergamo

    Director of Services, Brazil Platforms Division

    "Our challenge, as women in IT, is to empower ourselves more and more and generate a paradigm shift." Let's dare!

  • sonda

    Yaritzbeth Espinosa

    Head of Systems Operator in the Transport Division of SONDA Panama

    "A woman in the IT industry must enhance her tenacity, strength and commitment in order to achieve any goal we set for ourselves."

  • sonda

    Shantall Vargas

    Autodesk Manager, Peru

    "Our role as women brings a different and transformative vision of change, which motivates us to see the challenges of the industry as a great opportunity for growth."