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We improve the efficiency of public resources use

An important objective for this sector is efficiently managing public services with an emphasis on their transparency and visibility. The purpose is to increase citizen participation, improve supervisory mechanisms and enhance the availability of public information.

Another objective is to make better use of public resources by increasing efficiency, improving management and achieving economies of scale.

We are the principal business partner for the public sector in Latin America and United States


We know the value brought by  technology

We contribute our technology, innovation and first class solutions to improve not only society’s perception of public services, but also each citizen’s quality of life.

At SONDA we understand the value that technology can bring to the region's institutions.


  • Purchasing Portal

    Our Government Procurement solutions help you respond properly to the challenge of transparency, providing an effective cost saving mechanism by allowing public institutions to access the best offers on the market.

    Cards and passports

    We take care of the entire technological process behind the identification system, that is, the production of identity cards and passports, as well as the implementation of the new biometric identification database, the development of a computer system and the installation of as many data capture stations as necessary.

    Livestock traceability

    We make it possible to generate, guarantee, maintain and improve the traceability of the beef production chain and the health and safety of meat and dairy products produced in a certain region or country, for internal consumption and/or for export. This solution enables the secure integration of information into a centralized database, online updating and real-time responses, using communications technologies, computers, networks and the Internet.

    Public Transport

    we develop comprehensive solutions that help provide significant improvements in safety, modernity and the quality of life of passengers. Our solutions also facilitate the development of more complex transport systems, integrating services and modes of transport, which allow the authorities to charge for services in the most appropriate manner.

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