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Fresh Graduates Program
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Come and transform the digital future!


We're looking for you!

Fresh Graduates is a regional program that seeks to attract young, newly graduated talents like you! Who want to transform the digital future. Our main objective is to offer accelerated learning, which allows you to start your professional career and acquire multiple skills, developing your full potential.


¿Por qué SONDA?


Porque como tú, somos apasionados por la tecnología y queremos impulsar la innovación tecnológica.

En SONDA tu traes al talento, nosotros los oportunidades. Participa del programa Fresh Graduates 2024.


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Join our team!

This is your chance to start your career in one of the most promising sectors of the future. Technology-related careers will feature prominently in the digital age.

Bring your interests and skills together in a career of great importance to society.
See transforming the digital future with SONDA!


Fresh Graduates

Why SONDA Fresh Graduates?

  • You will be assisted by tutors, managers and People Management, in addition to complementing your experience with multiple training sessions.
  • You will be able to participate in complex and high-impact technology projects in various career areas, industries and businesses.
  • You will be part of dynamic, innovative and talented teams that provide exceptional service to our high-value customers.
  • You will have accelerated growth, constantly increasing your knowledge.
  • You will interact with different cultures and learn with the best!
Fresh Graduates

What are we looking for?


  • Young talents, recent graduates, with no work experience who have studied careers related to the field of technology, such as: Computer engineering, industrial or a Bachelor's in Administration.
  • Proficient in English Intermediate level
  • With an interest in making a commercial career (learning from consultative sales models) or a career in the field of continuous improvement (data Analytics and decision-making).

SONDA Attitude

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    Adaptability to change

    Attitude and flexibility to incorporate new ideas, forms and working methods, supporting and driving change management to address business challenges and needs.

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    Ability to effectively build relationships with direct and/or indirect peers, promoting teamwork and the generation of synergies between areas to positively impact business results.

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    Focused on Achievement

    People with a focus on goals, achieving results efficiently and effectively. Able to take on difficult opportunities and challenges with a sense of urgency, energy and enthusiasm.

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    Young people with initiative and responsibility for the achievement of results and focused on their continuous learning, taking advantage of the opportunities that SONDA provides.

Get to know some fresh graduates

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    "The program is a unique experience. It gives us the opportunity to generate impact and also provide value to SONDA. I have learned to relate to customers, take the initiative and always go beyond my role."

    Felipe Laso

    Sales Executive


  • sonda

    "Being part of Fresh Graduates has allowed me to have a super varied learning experience with both technical and various other skills. I still feel like I'm always learning. It is a very complete experience. SONDA has people who are passionate about what they do and that is exciting."

    Zamna Jashui Hernández

    Telecommunications Administrator


  • sonda

    "Every day that I am at SONDA, I am further expanding the level of knowledge I acquired at the University. It is a great challenge with many responsibilities, a nice experience. One manages to grow a lot professionally."

    Marta Vásquez

    Telecommunications Administrator


  • sonda

    "It is very motivating to be part of large projects from the very beginning, to have the opportunity to learn about the experience of the the people I work with and to be able to learn from them. SONDA has a culture of knowledge that we must take advantage of."

    Zheider Huamani

    Delivery Service Specialist


  • sonda

    "It is a very enriching experience, which allows us to grow both as people and as professionals. It's motivating to know that they believe in new talent and give us the opportunity to demonstrate our added value.”

    Angie Vásquez

    IT Security Specialists


  • sonda

    "Being part of the Fresh Graduates program has motivated me to be constantly looking for challenges. It is undoubtedly a very enriching place for continuous learning and professional growth."

    Theo Coronel

    Business Development Consultant


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