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Healthcare services are currently very competitive and users are becoming steadily more demanding. They choose healthcare providers not only for the quality of their medical services, but choose hospitals, laboratories and medical centers for their comprehensive care for patients, and choose public and private health insurance companies by their comprehensive care for beneficiaries.

We are strategic partners for healthcare providers in Latin America and United States

We strengthen comprehensive and efficient healthcare services

This perspective and the accelerated digitalization of this sector has driven SONDA to develop solutions that strengthen comprehensive and efficient healthcare services. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to collaborate with the prevention of diseases that impact our employee’s quality of life.

We are a strategic partner not only for healthcare providers in the region, but also when dealing with the well-being of individuals and their families.

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    AI Solution to Prevent Blindness

    Diabetes blindness is the most common cause of vision loss in the working-age population around the world and is preventable with just an annual exam, but there is an irreparable gap between the volume of users requiring the exam and the ophthalmologic capabilities available.

    This is the reason why there is low coverage for the fundus examination, which has a massive impact on the population's visual health.

    DART by and SONDA are collaborating to expand this AI solution that aims to prevent the most common cause of blindness in the adult population, diabetic retinopathy, through a cloud platform that makes it possible to upload digital retinal exams, filter negative cases automatically and allows the specialist to confirm positive cases remotely.

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