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In recent years, financial institutions have been faced with additional challenges beyond those normally encountered within their business. They have had to deal with the accelerated development of new financial technologies, the emergence of innovative and agile competitors, regulatory requirements that require urgent implementation, constant changes in customer needs, and growing pressure to care for the environment.

Therefore, more than ever they need to partner with companies that can support them who specialize in developing solutions to resolve these new challenges. 

Our value proposition

We are a strategic partner for financial institutions with a broad spectrum of customized services, extensive experience in implementing solutions, a team of specialists that can make technology converse with the business and get the most out of it. 

Our solutions are the result of our knowledge, experience and understanding of the financial business and regional markets.

  • Digital Banking

    Includes everything a modern bank needs, functionality, technology, cybersecurity, flexibility, accessibility, among others. It consists of a state-of-the-art banking core and a payment solution. It makes possible modular deployments in public, private and on premises through the cloud.

    Investment management

    It allows you to manage portfolios and funds from various types of financial companies and under multiple regulations. It includes the management of investments such as investors, savers, shareholders or others. It permits operations in the spot and futures market, controlling different types of limits.

    Cash Management

    Solutions for corporate banking. The bank will be able to offer its corporate customers the ability to optimize liquidity, manage funds, improve forecasts, manage accounts payable and receivable, among others. Operationally, this solution makes it possible to process bulk payments with very high volumes in an agile and traceable manner.


    This solution can help any institution that places resources, letting them operate with a wide variety of operations, such as various types of mortgages, consumer loans, automotive loans, leases, commercial loans, among others. It can be easily integrated into other internal and external systems.

    Pension management

    This solution was developed when pension fund managers first appeared and has been evolving based on new technologies, business needs and regulations. This plan is composed of a core solution that manages all participant and pensioner processes, plus the investment management solution for the funds, applying the regulatory limits.


    This solution is based on a core level of general and life insurance, with omnichannel management for customers, plus portfolio investment management.

    Connected branch

    Many financial institutions are analyzing what to do with their branches, because with the pandemic, the use of off-site channels was consolidated for a large number of transactions, however, there are still customers and transactions that require branches. With this solution, the client will be able to optimize spaces, improve the quality of customer service and visualize possible new businesses delivered to the branch. The solution is based on IoT technology and specialized data analytics.


    Substantial increase in productivity, motivated collaborators, and a reduction in turnover and absenteeism are just some of the benefits of proper "wellness" management for work teams. With this solution, SONDA approaches this problem from its different dimensions with a solution based on gamification.

    Risk Management

    Today, with an explosive increase in off-site transactions, early detection or even predicting fraudulent transactions is key to both the institution's results and a good customer experience. Verification of payment behavior and customer profile through the use of new techniques improves the profitability of the institution. SONDA's solution is based on products that operate in various markets around the world, with many years of experience, using state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies.

    Robotic BPO

    Institutions should concentrate on their business, outsourcing those functions that do not add value and also have high costs when executed internally. SONDA's BPO solutions are highly specialized, allowing clients to offload operational tasks at very competitive costs, taking advantage of SONDA's economies of scale by providing these services to multiple institutions. In addition, taking advantage of new technologies, robots are being implemented that provide even more predictable results, in less time and at lower costs.

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