Transport and Logistical

The organization, control and management of transportation systems is one of the major challenges facing modern cities. The explosive growth of automobile use is a symptom of successfully developing countries. This economic growth is also stimulating the growth of private transport fleets operating across the region. A public transport system must therefore be an efficient alternative to private automobiles and fleets. Which triggers the requirement for intensive IT support to achieve better management, control and administration of fleets that circulate in the cities and countries of our region.

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SONDA transport solutions cover central systems, which support payment (Ticketing and Clearing) and fleet management, through to "end to end" integrated solutions with equipment, software and IT services. We have a dedicated team of transport specialists, who possess the knowledge and experience to implement and operate solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of this business, ranging from large public transport fleets to small private fleets.


SONDA has provided the technological solution for the Transantiago project. This is a substantial public transport project on both a Latin American and global scale. It incorporates an electronic collection system that integrates tariffs across various means of transport, and a support system for fleet management. This project has been operating for four years in Santiago, Chile. It has over 6,400 buses that daily serve the routes established by the Ministry of Transport to give complete coverage to all the municipalities in Santiago.

In addition, SONDA has successfully implemented a public transport solution in Panama that provides electronic fare collection for a fleet of 1,200 buses, a system for El Salvador, and an integrated fare collection system for the Metro in Valparaiso.