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Our integrated security solution has been designed and built to meet the specific needs of public and private institutions that need to centrally and effectively manage security, with both a preventive and reactive approach.

The SONDA solution is customized for each client and can automatically identify suspicious behavior using online analysis of information recorded by video cameras or other devices. When a warning is triggered, the system automatically notifies whoever is designated as responsible for security at each event.

The event management application provides full surveillance and control, as it is designed to monitor incidents captured by our own solution and by any other similar tools, such as at controlled entrances or alerts at perimeter fences.

Several operational tools complement this solution in order to provide a comprehensive service that safeguards the security of our customers.

This integrated solution includes services with various components:

Devices (cameras, microphones, sensors, and others)

  • Equipment procurement.
  • Logistics and installation.
  • Management of manufacturer’s guarantees.
  • Insurance.
  • Maintenance.

Infrastructure and connectivity

  • The solution architecture.
  • Equipment procurement and logistics.
  • Installation and configuration.
  • Maintenance.
  • Operational continuity.
  • Operation.

Applications and information from devices

  • Audio and video analytics (includes motion detection, lines crossed, abnormal speed, pedestrian detection, counting objects in movement, agglomerations, face detection, vandalism in cameras, and several others).
  • Live monitoring consoles capturing data from devices and camera images.
  • Support tools to attend to events.
  • Tools to manage devices.
  • Triggering and distributing alarms when criminal or suspicious activity is detected.
  • Management reports.
  • Search facility for images and data from devices.

Know some benefits of this solution


Supply, control and maintenance of security devices like cameras and sensors to ensure that they work correctly.

Infrastructure and connectivity

From the architecture and design of the technology solution to its installation and operation, to ensure that it works correctly and continuously.

Criminal and security incident detection

Automatic detection of security incidents and alarm and alert management from the moment the security incident occurs until it is resolved.

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Public safety, Video Surveillance Uruguay (Public Security Solution)

Client: Interior Minister, Montevideo Police, Uruguay. Industry: Governance Solution: Urban Video Surveillance System

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