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Virtual Assistant

Provides a unique purchasing experience with a digital assistant that interacts, learns, and resolves customer issues and concerns.

SONDA’s Virtual Assistant is a Digital Employee with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps to control the business processes for which it has been trained. This is achieved using natural language that interacts with various communication channels, such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Microsoft Team, Skype for Business, and other channels.

This solution is ideal for customers who have to deal with very long response times to meet user and / or customer requirements, lack of control over business processes or lack of communication channels to meet user requirements.

  • Multiple communication channels supported, such as Whatsapp, Skype For Business, Microsoft Team, and other channels.
  • High availability – 24/7 regime.
  • Simultaneous service provision using one assistant.
  • Integration with various services, such as ERP, CRM, Service Desk, and other services.
  • The assistant is implemented in SaaS mode.

Benefits of the solution

Improves user experience

by automating processes and using multiple communication channels.

Timely responses

that resolve user concerns.

Improves operational efficiency

with well-defined and controlled business processes.

Accelerates implementation

and production times.