Service Desk

The dynamism of modern business makes it essential that companies and institutions resolve IT requirements, queries and incidents rapidly.  It is fundamental for business continuity, and has a huge effect on productivity and on the services provided to their own customers, suppliers and users.

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Many of our customers are unaware of the volume of IT incidents that affect the everyday life of their business. When incidents occur they have to contact multiple support centers or specific people without achieving formal commitments to a solution. This is an unnecessary risk that may also involve additional costs.

The SONDA Service Desk operates as a single point of contact, which can be accessed through different channels: telephone, e-mail, chat, and web. We resolve the requirements presented by users in a timely manner, whether incidents, queries or requests for IT services. This enables our customers to improve their operational continuity and have greater visibility of their IT.

Our use of best practices enables end users to benefit from the following features:

  • We provide a single point of contact for end-users.
  • Our support is based on previously standardized procedures. Our solutions are constantly kept up to date.
  • We are the first point of contact through different interaction channels: chat, web, phone, pre-ticket.
  • We take remote control of users' workstations.

Process-oriented features:

  • We provide remote support using different interaction channels: remote control, chat, phone.
  • We manage incidents and user requirements.
  • We manage referrals and escalate tickets.
  • We manage the follow-up to problems and close tickets.
  • We escalate incidents to internal support within SONDA.

Business-oriented features:

  • We classify IT incidents, which identifies the areas for improvement.
  • We prepare quality surveys and management reports.
  • We manage support in accordance with agreed SLA's.
  • We prepare reports that analyze the behavior of IT services.