PC Backup

Traditionally, companies focus their back up policies on servers, allocating resources to data back up and recovery systems that are fast and efficient. These resources are usually confined to mainframe servers, relegating the information in desktops and notebooks to second place. However, the risk and the impact to the organization could even be greater than that caused by the loss of a server.

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Our PC backup cloud service is targeted at backing up information found on desktops, notebooks and servers. We are responsible for administrating the technology and managing the solution.

The system continually protects the distributed information across any device. If a file has been deleted or if a previous version needs to be retrieved, the system can be accessed from a notebook or desktop computer via the web page. It can even be accessed from mobile devices, where it can be used not only as a backup system, but also as a virtual pen-drive that gives you access to your files from anywhere in the world at any time.