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Dell EMC

We are a Platinum Latam supplier, and we can integrate information storage, backup and recovery solutions that add value, security and availability to our customer’s businesses throughout the region.

Dell EMC is the global leader in storage technology. SONDA has Platinum Partner (Latam) status and we can deliver complex added value solutions covering information storage, backup and recovery that
improve productivity, data availability and security, and applications for our customers. SONDA has vast experience in integrating information storage, backup and recovery solutions.

Since inception, we have incorporated products from multiple suppliers to deliver information storage and support solutions that are reliable, secure, robust and available. These can be applied to environments with high transactional demand and to those with batch processing. This service has always been based on integrating professionals that are highly trained in these specific technologies and in industry best practice.

The full range of SONDA services that relate to Dell EMC products covers the corresponding professional services as well as specific knowledge of Dell EMC technologies and products.
Our customers currently require storage, backup and recovery solutions that can be consistently deployed throughout the region. Therefore, SONDA and Dell EMC have agreed to consolidate their business partnership, due to SONDA’s expertise and capability to provide world- class services on Dell EMC platforms.

Implementation of SONDA’s storage, backup and recovery solutions using Dell EMC technology will result in:

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Reduced operational risks
  • Improved services for customers
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Competitive advantages by making better use of information

Certified Compliance with International Standards

Platinum Partner (Latam) and aiming to achieve Titanium status (the highest), which would indicate that we can implement end-to-end proposals covering key aspects of Digital Transformation

relating to virtualization, desktop, servers, storage, hyper-convergence, security, backup (on-site/cloud) and networking.

Why use SONDA to manage projects and solutions that use Dell EMC technology?

  • Supplier with extensive credentials, certified qualifications and knowledge that enables you to benefit from all the potential offered by Dell EMC technology to add value to your business
  • Pioneer for integrated backup and storage solutions across the region.
  • Datacenter network that includes two Tier III data centers and one Tier IV datacenter (for 2019)
  • Management of the commercial relationship with Dell EMC(One stop shopping)
  • Comprehensive support and maintenance services
  • Implementation of multi-country solutions.