Outbanking Services

Financial institutions offer a wide range of products that include the mortgage business, which is composed of various highly complex associated processes. This complexity is due to the great diversity of stake-holders involved within the financial institution itself, and other external entities. It is also one of the most time-consuming business processes at these institutions.

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SONDA has worked with Ecogesta (a specialist company in processing mortgages) to prepare a comprehensive and integrated solution to include software, IT services and operational processes, aimed at managing the entire mortgage business process.

The service provides efficient and effective support to the procedures and formalities required to process mortgage loans. It adds a reliable tool to the financial institution's trading platform, which enables staff to safely deal with new challenges and sales goals. It provides customers with a high quality service, reduced processing time and agile responses.

The Outbanking service is aimed at financial institutions interested in strengthening their mortgage business, controlling costs, and meeting tight deadlines.