The SONDA Safe City Tech Challenge is an open innovation competition and the five finalists have now been selected

A team of SONDA experts evaluated 112 ideas submitted by students from 22 universities and institutes of higher education. They selected five finalists who will progress to the refinement stage at SONDA workshops, in order to present their ideas before the judges on September 8.


Maximiliano Escobar, Felipe Pérez, Juan Pradenas y Héctor Sepulveda, creador de Power Pitch Method.
Diego Bustos y Julio Covarrubias

SONDA experts have undertaken a difficult evaluation process, and have announced the five finalists for the SONDA Safe City Tech Challenge, organized with the support of CORFO. The finalists are Juan Pradenas (Engineering, Duoc UC), Maximiliano Escobar (Engineering, Universidad de Chile), Julio Covarrubias (Engineering, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez), Felipe Pérez (Engineering, Universidad Andres Bello) and Daniel Bustos (Engineering, Universidad de los Andes).

These five students will now begin to refine their ideas at SONDA workshops. These ideas will be improved during this stage by focusing on the following aspects: profiling ideas and go-to-market (led by Guillermo Beuchat, a partner at Consultora Transforme), technological feasibility (led by Antonio Fuentes, Technological Development Manager at SONDA), and preparing the presentation pitch (led by Héctor Sepúlveda, creator of the Power Pitch Method).

The first stage of this open competition began on June 1 and ended on Friday July 22. 112 ideas were submitted by students at 22 universities and professional institutes in Chile.

The competition will close on Thursday September 8 at 6:00pm at an event to be held at the SONDA corporate building at Teatinos 500, Santiago. The finalists will present their ideas to the judges, who are Mario Pavon (Chairman of SONDA), Catalina Mertz (Director of Paz Ciudadana Foundation), Claude Puech (Director of INRIA), Barbara Silva (Director of BeST Innovation) and Patricio Feres (Innova Manager at CORFO). The judges will select the winner of the trip to Silicon Valley, which is part of the BeST Innovation tour, and the winners of the 13-inch Macbook Pros.


Julio Covarrubias (UAI)

"The workshops have been vital for focusing my idea, developing it and adding value. I feel very privileged to be learning from professionals who are tremendously talented, yet are eager to help."

Max Escobar (UCh)

"I found the idea profiling workshop extremely useful and necessary, especially as it stripped away our attachment to our ideas, which enabled us to more clearly and objectively analyze them. Héctor Sepulveda helped us to capture the true implications of our projects at the pitch workshop, and to identify some aspects that we must polish, in order for each of us to persuade a future manager that our project is feasible".

Daniel Bustos (UAndes)

"When a company like SONDA selects your idea, it encourages you to think that perhaps you are going in the right direction and doing things well. It motivates you to continue thinking of new ideas and tackle much larger goals".