SONDA participates in the evaluation committee for the Patent Competition at UC (Catholic University)

Representatives from the business world formed an evaluation committee to analyze the commercial potential of inventions by leading academics at this university.


The Eleventh Patent Competition aims to help UC academics to protect the industrial property rights over their inventions and encourage these initiatives to be put into production.

Therefore, representatives from companies that are partners of the UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center were invited to form a committee to evaluate the commercial viability of each invention. They recommended whether registering a patent would be appropriate in each case, and clarified the market potential for the research projects that were proposed during the competition. 

The evaluation committee was composed of José Orlandini, Services Manager at SONDA, Juan Ignacio Rios, Corporate CEO at POCH, and Jose Miguel Castro, Deputy Innovation Development Manager at ENTEL. 

The evaluation committee met on Friday July 1 at the UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center and was chaired by Alvaro Ossa, Transfer and Development Director, along with Barbara Ribbeck, Deputy Intellectual Property Director at the university.

Alvaro Ossa commented that "Our partnership with private business is a priority for UC. We collected comments and observations from representatives of major companies in Chile, who reviewed these proposals and evaluated the competition based on their experience. The final objective is not just to protect these inventions, but to protect their transfer to market. Therefore, the opinion of industry in this decision appears fundamental to us".

José Orlandini indicated that this initiative is very attractive for SONDA, as it reveals professors' ideas based on technologies that are expected to revolutionize the market within the next five years. "It seems to me an excellent initiative that the University has included industry representatives in the process to select the competition winners. This ensures that a universal perspective is maintained, and I feel very honored to have been one of those chosen".

The evaluated research proposals are applicable to the pharmaceutical, wine and construction industries, among others. The winning innovations will receive funding of up to Ch$3,000,000, to prepare and present a patent application in Chile. 

The competition was created in 2008 and is organized by the Transfer and Development Department at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.