Managed PC Services

Some of the major IT challenges facing companies today are achieving higher availability, improving utilization and avoiding IT asset obsolescence.

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Several studies have shown that the most efficient way to deal with this challenge is through outsourcing infrastructure services. This transfers the responsibility for various aspects of your IT infrastructure, whilst ensuring that service levels meet business needs, users are satisfied with desktop computing services, IT costs are reduced and working capital is liberated. This service should guarantee constant access to the latest equipment and applications from the best brands on the market, so avoiding technological obsolescence, and theft or damage, among other benefits. The service would aim to provide efficient management and support for your desktop computing equipment.

Our Managed PC Services - Utility - consists in outsourcing the administration of desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, personal printers, desktop software including Microsoft Office and Antivirus etc., and general peripherals.

This service includes defining user profiles and master disk creation, procuring the equipment followed by dispatch, installation and commissioning at your premises, end user training, preventive and corrective hardware maintenance, telephone support via help desk, equipment replacement when failures exceed agreed service levels, equipment removal from your premises at contract termination, insurance against damage and providing regular information regarding the contracted equipment, allowing you to control its useful life, location and user assignation.

Standard Configurations for Managed PC Services:

  • PC's and Notebooks (HP, Lenovo and others).
  • Data Capture Devices (Motorola).
  • Printers (HP, Xerox, Lexmark, Okidata and others).
  • Personal Productivity Software.