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Managed Print Services

Estimated annual printing expenditure can be as high as 3% of total company revenue. Therefore, greater control over this area, coupled with efficient management of the printing platform, can result in significant back office savings for a company. In fact, the implementation of an adequate documentary output solution can generate savings of between 10% and 30% per year.

To evaluate these savings, SONDA can undertake a diagnosis of the current printing situation and its associated costs, which would be free of charge for our customers. We would then make recommendations based on this analysis regarding the type of hardware and software to use, and the appropriate platform management techniques in accordance with best IT practices. We could propose a technical and financial solution that achieves cost savings, and productivity and profitability improvements by deploying a documentary output strategy.

Our Printer Managed Device Service consists of an integrated outsourcing service for printing. We can offer our customers a set of services that take full responsibility for printing documents. This service enables customers to streamline processes and achieve printing savings, which liberates resources that can focused on the core business.

This solution includes providing the necessary infrastructure to generate both printed and electronic documents, using leased hardware and software charged at a cost per printed page. We offer to design the printing architecture based on your requirements, dispatch this equipment to your premises, install and commission it, provide support, maintenance and administration for it, remove the equipment at contract termination, provide insurance against damage, and dispose of waste in a manner that complies with environmental standards. Therefore, the hidden costs that are typical in any printing process will become clear.

As we represent a broad portfolio of brands, we can choose the devices that best solve your particular requirements. The whole operation is remotely monitored via a print monitoring server, to ensure optimal service levels and total operational continuity for the implemented solution.

The SONDA printer outsourcing service enables your organization to outsource the following components within your technological platform:

  • Black & white and color printers, and multi-functional devices.
  • Software to account for copies/prints by cost/user center.
  • Distribution solutions for electronic documents.
  • Form printing solutions.
  • Centralized management solution for the printing device pool.

Our printer outsourcing service provides our customers with our specialists and Business Partners, who will provide tips and techniques that cannot always be found within the organization. These will solve problems, save money and provide you with additional competitive advantages in the market.

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