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Managed Network Device Services

Connectivity and networking are essential to successfully manage business operations. It follows that some of the principal challenges facing businesses today are achieving greater IT availability, improving utilization and avoiding network and communications obsolescence.

Several studies have shown that the most efficient way to deal with this challenge is through outsourcing network and communications infrastructure services. This transfers the responsibility for various aspects of IT infrastructure, such as the acquisition, installation, commissioning, support and maintenance of those components necessary to configure a networking and communications platform. It also includes cabling and IT platform design according to your specific needs.

The decision to transfer these responsibilities to a specialized supplier such as a SONDA solves various important business requirements, such as reducing IT costs and liberating working capital. This service guarantees the constant availability of leading edge equipment and consultants specializing in various network and telecommunications configurations. It results in more efficient support and management for communications and collaborative work within your company.

Our Network & Communications Managed Device Services outsourcing service interconnects your PC’s, servers, and printers to a common network. Our service includes consultancy services to define the optimum communications network architecture and configuration.

It includes equipment procurement, office cabling, installation and commissioning, configuration and specialized support, hardware maintenance, equipment replacement when failures exceed agreed service levels, insurance against losses and delivery of regular information regarding the contracted equipment.