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Back-up Solution

The volume of data currently generated by companies is growing exponentially. Therefore, companies need to know how to best protect this data, and control the costs required to guarantee business continuity if any of it is lost.

SONDA’s backup solutions can backup information in accordance with customer’s requirements, improving the opportunities to take backups, optimizing business continuity, and simplifying equipment management, regardless of whether the equipment has been provided by SONDA or is owned by the customer.

Companies must consider the time required to complete both the backup process itself and the restoration of a backup, the space used by this equipment, its obsolescence, compliance with information retention standards that are aligned with the industry, and the infrastructure administration problems faced by IT departments.

The most common problems are:

  • Costs caused by high tape consumption.
  • Equipment or software that cannot compress or de-duplicate data, resulting in high usage of drives or tapes.
  • Restricted opportunities to perform backups.
  • No control over data produced at remote offices.
  • Backup, restoration and retention policies are not aligned with IT business standards and requirements.

SONDA provides its customers with hardware and software support solutions, which may include:

  • Design and Architecture: coordination between business, technology and consulting departments to define the scenario, investigate available solutions, estimate deployment projects, evaluate technological risks and estimate the various financial options. Includes designing mission critical and backup environments, considering certified platforms, manufacturer’s recommendations, structures and operability, platform administration, recommended methods and evaluating current platform environments.
  • IT Diagnosis: evaluation of current operating conditions for the backup platform, and includes: analysis of platform performance, identifying optimal conditions for platform performance and the potential improvements that would overcome its limitations; analysis of the environment’s configuration, processing structure, base platforms and applications, etc.
  • IT Consultancy: expertise in technology to meet specific requirements. This service addresses the requirement with a flexible perspective, defining and selecting specialists with suitable profiles, in accordance with the complexity and scope of the particular requirement. It includes IT auditing at third parties, research and benchmarking, acting as counterpart for IT suppliers, etc.

Business value

Reduction of operational costs

by using equipment with lower power consumption and cooling systems.

Reduction in administrative costs

by using simpler systems and shorter backup windows.

Increase business continuity

by reducing restoration times in the event of an incident.

Space optimization

using technologies that compress and de-duplicate files.

Reduce the costs associated

with using tapes by using VTL storage, Virtual Tape Library.

Count on an expert

Access to a team of specialized consultants

with extensive experience in backup solutions for multiple industries, who hold qualifications in the most commonly used methods in the IT industry.

Comprehensive knowledge

regarding the business requirements for IT management and its related processes.

Regional alliances

with major brands in the IT industry.

SONDA is a multi-brand partner

It provides the latest technologies to meet the customer's requirements.

Supplier with an extensive network

of data centers, which includes two Tier III Datacenters in Santiago and Sao Paulo.