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Site Operation

Even datacenters developed to the best design and latest technology require qualified professionals and processes to operate them. Dependence on a limited team of people, without adequate support and without best practice, can put operations at risk, even in normal operating conditions.

Customers with their own datacenters still require management and methodologies that efficiently operate this technology. They need to ensure that it is administered and managed by trained personnel using industry best practices, whilst maximizing reliability, data security, and service availability. This will ensure that the company’s business processes operate correctly.

SONDA Site Operation services deliver processes, trained personnel and procedures based upon industry best practices to ensure that the management and operation of a datacenter is carried out properly, guaranteeing continuous availability and agreed service levels.

Our service can be provided at a SONDA datacenter or at the customer’s premises, and includes:

Administration and management:

  • Administration of the facilities maintenance plan.
  • Administration of maintenance contracts with other suppliers.
  • Administration and storage of magnetic media.
  • Definition of standards and regulations for electrical and data cabling and associated labeling.
  • Planning, coordinating and monitoring technological changes in the datacenter infrastructure.

Physical infrastructure:

  • Control over physical security and access.
  • Monitoring the variables of critical infrastructure systems.
  • Regular inspections of the basic infrastructure and prevention components.
  • Management of equipment pre-installation areas.


  • Operating the equipment in accordance with established procedures.
  • Operating the installed equipment (bringing equipment on-line and off-line, reviewing infrastructure alerts, loading magnetic media).

The service provided at a customer’s datacenter requires an initial comprehensive assessment of the current conditions at these facilities, to establish an initial base level for the service.