What does this service cover?

A solution in the public cloud where customers don’t have to concern themselves about managing, supporting and training their employees, thus allowing their IT department to focus on the business and not on managing AZURE.

Customers can benefit from the Microsoft cloud, while SONDA takes responsibility for the entire service lifecycle, beginning with advice about implementing the AZURE contract, through to managing, monitoring and supporting it.

Some solution benefits







Single point

of contact.


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on the resources in AZURE.

Solutions in Managed Azure

Cloud Infrastructure Services

SONDA’s Cloud Infrastructure Services provide virtual infrastructure resources as a Service in a fast, easy and flexible manner, while SONDA manages these services in the cloud. Our customers no longer need to be concerned with complex tasks such as implementing, managing, monitoring and supporting these resources.

Cloud Web Services

Sonda's Cloud web services allow you to manage a large online traffic volume without affecting your productivity, quick response or efficiency, since Sonda is responsible for managing the infrastructure during the most critical times for your business.

Cloud Replication Services

Cloud replication services protect your data in a fast, efficient and personalized manner, using SONDA’s world class services for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It allows data to be recovered within hours or minutes in the event of a catastrophe, ensuring that the impact on business productivity will be minimal.

Cloud Sap Hana Services

Cloud SAP HANA Services provide SAP HANA on Azure, with SONDA taking responsibility for the design, migration and/or implementation through to infrastructure management and support, which enable your business to take real-time decisions.

Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup Services provide a data backup and restore service in the Microsoft cloud that secure operational continuity for the customer's business, while SONDA is responsible for managing the service.