What does this service cover?

SONDA’s HyPERCLOUD service provides our customers with the ability to access and manage various infrastructures from a single point, according to their business requirements, regardless of whether these are hybrid, physical or virtual clouds.

SONDA’s Hyper Cloud solution provides an End to End service layer, with the following scope:

  • Consultancy: data collection and evaluating all the environments involved.
  • Procurement: selecting the solution software and hardware, according to the customer’s business requirements.
  • Implementation: configuring the solution to meet the agreed scope, and integrating physical and virtual resources.
  • Support: manage and control resources and adapt the Self-Service portal, to ensure that it can accelerate time to market and comply with all the customer’s requirements.

Some solution benefits

Delivers the governance

tools required by the entire IT park.

Distributes resource

use by cost center.


the budget.


operating costs.

Faster Time

to Market