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What does this service cover?

SONDA’s Enterprise Cloud Service safely expedites our customer’s business transactions. It provides and manages the cloud infrastructure, allowing a public, private, or hybrid IaaS or PaaS to be implemented, in order to support several workloads and optimize resource use.

SONDA’s Enterprise Cloud Service contains three stages, as follows:

  • Requirements Analysis: We diagnose our customer’s current situation in order to suggest the best recommendation.
  • Implementation: We execute all the agreed action plans, which includes performing migrations or creating the required environments.
  • Management: We manage recurrent SONDA services for our customers that secure the availability and continuity of the cloud service.

Key attributes of our cloud

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Success stories

Successful Alliance between Teletón and SONDA

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Universidad Mayor and SONDA allow thousands of students to access the results of the PSU and university applications

Client: Universidad Mayor Industry: Education Solution: Cloud Computing al servicio de la educación.

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Multicaja faces growth and increased demand thanks to SONDA’s cloud solution

Client: Multicaja Industry: Retail Solution: Cloud Empresarial

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