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Cloud Infrastructure

As companies grow, they acquire various platforms and computer systems for each area.

This increases the number of servers, storage systems, and back-up and networking resources. These tend to consume more physical space and create several equipment management problems, due to multiple management points, large volumes of hardware and software to be controlled, convergence and architectural problems, among other factors. In addition, operating costs increase due to increased energy, hardware and implementation requirements, plus additional staff to manage the physical equipment. These factors leave purchasing decisions complex and slow, and makes it difficult to grow using the existing infrastructure.

SONDA Cloud Infrastructure solutions provide the necessary technology to build a cloud solution, (private, public, or hybrid) to more efficiently manage technological infrastructure. Our solutions use converging systems, which divide the use of resources across various different machines (virtual or physical) that operate independently. This simplifies management, improves performance in a virtualized or hybrid environment, centralizes management and optimizes the physical space occupied by the computing platform.

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