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Viewer Solution

At present, no company can survive in the market unless it is practical and dynamic, which always results in the best possible results and brings a range of options for you. SONDA has the best technical solutions for geographical information systems.

SONDA brings to the market a comprehensive system that will provide significant results in environments that need special geographical information. The Viewer Solution (VS) is a hardware, software and special information system with computational procedures and human resources that enables it to analyze, manage or represent space and the phenomena that occur there.

The Geographical Information System (GIS) provides accurate information and has an excellent cost-benefit ratio for various applications. It enables new technological innovations such as Cloud, 3D, Big Data and others to provide effective and accurate data for robust geographical analysis and thus add value and new expertise for your company.

The VS platform enables you to combine information from various sources. It provides statistical information stored in the data bank, electronic spreadsheets, and information collected using GPS or from traditional surveying methods. All this information is concentrated in a single platform and synthesized data can be extracted in thematic maps covering the study area and thus various benefits can be added. The advantages that the Viewer Solution platform brings to your company are as follows:

  • Produces maps far faster.
  • Reduces the costs involved in producing maps.
  • Facilitates the use of maps.
  • Produces more elaborate maps.
  • Allows updates and revisions to be automated.

Value for your company

  • Location: investigate the characteristics of a particular place.
  • Condition: ensure compliance with conditions imposed on objects.
  • Trend: compare temporary situations or special situations with differing characteristics.
  • Routes: calculate optimal routes between two or more points.
  • Models: Generate explanatory models using observed behavior of phenomena in space.

Rely on our experts

  • Mixed Memory Model (most of the data is in a shared memory);
  • Optimized for quick thematic update and with standard attributes, multiple subjects and multiple symbols by layer;
  • Data providers are specified as services that can be implemented and integrated in a transparent manner. Multiple providers can be simultaneously used;
  • All the layers of information are organized in a hierarchical tree, to facilitate location and access;
  • Each user can save their profile, so after they have been authenticated by the system, their preferred layers are loaded automatically;
  • The entire system configuration is carried out by the map editor, an IDE that defines the parameters for layers (their data source, appearance and behavior), queries and filters;
  • It has plugins defined by development rules that can alter or access practically everything in the VS.