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GTS – Generation Transmission Solution

Optimize financial operational processes without taking any unnecessary risks such as purchase and sale negotiations and contracts, and income from the generation, transmission and commercialization of energy. It is a complete solution that respects the regulations established by the regulatory authorities for the electricity sector and also the regulations established by the company that manages the system.

The Generation and Transmission Solution (GTS) is a robust management system that resolves all the requirements for this sector. It can also attach any type of digital file, such as Word, PDF, Excel, etc. Everyone that participates in the energy market, such as generators, producers, transmitters and distributors, are included in this solution, which caters especially for merchants, such as entities with public service concessions, independent producers, energy suppliers and self-producers.

GTS has been especially developed to solve problems and make customer’s lives easier and more efficient. It has all the conditions required for the market and its products and services are supplied with excellence and effectiveness.

GTS is a highly customizable system, and is designed to support the marketing of various products with the characteristics of commodities. It provides support for purchasing and selling decision-making.

Value for your company

  • It has been widely accepted in business processes for the energy sector.
  • It enables a company to effectively follow-up its portfolio of contracts, and encompasses all possible variations based on market assumptions and scenarios.
  • Mass uploads can be stored, which gives better control over the energy generated by the customer.
  • It enables sales feasibility studies to be performed for non-regulated consumers, comparing prices within a regulated environment with those found in an un-regulated environment.
  • Any change can be shared with all the companies and customers that have the solution thus reducing development costs. Similarly, it also allows each customer to implement his own standards.

Rely on our experts

  • Web access using notebooks, netbooks and tablets with 3G access.
  • Uses scenarios with expected prices during “Newave” time.
  • Uses “lindo” software to optimize the amounts involved in the negotiations.
  • Exports information to Excel.
  • Any digital file can be attached, such as Word, PDF, Excel, etc.