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Commercial Solution

Optimize commercial management processes using a Customer Information System (CIS) and process information registration, customer service, service management, measurement, billing, collection, and closure, in accordance with the laws established by the Regulator and the company's strategic map.

SONDA’s Commercial Solution (CS) can automate all business and service processes, without the need for parallel systems, based on distribution control and a single data model, which is a huge advantage compared to other solutions on the market.

The CS can also be easily integrated with ERP solutions and various techniques will facilitate your company’s entire usage, in addition to being a Portuguese solution adapted to Spanish. The CS has a lower price than its direct competitors. Its deployment takes 7 to 18 months, in comparison to 2 to 5 years normally taken by the competition, and it has lower LU maintenance and Application Management.

This solution is fully integrated with various modules and information can be reviewed and changed on-line in real time.

Value for your business

  • It is particularly appropriate for the business processes found in the energy, sanitation and gas sectors.
  • The self-care module improves relationships with customers and reduces operational costs by widening the communication channels: totems, URA, e-mail, SMS, App and Web Agency.
  • Any changes can be shared with all the companies or customers that use the solution, which reduces development costs. Nevertheless, it also allows each customer to perform their own regulations.
  • SONDA develops and maintains the solution, and provide integrated solutions to make life easier for its customers. The solution has all the conditions required for the Latin American market. Products and services are supplied with excellence and effectiveness, due to SONDA Group’s strength.
  • This is a highly mature and robust solution, which has already been tested and accepted in the Brazilian electricity sector and is billing over 16 million consumers across all regions in Brazil.
  • The team of consultants in the Utilities Division has a vast understanding of the utilities sector, which greatly facilitates communication and understanding of customer’s requirements.
  • The cost is considerably lower than its direct competitors. Its deployment takes 7 to 18 months, in comparison to 2 to 5 years normally taken by the competition, and it has lower LU maintenance and Application Management.
  • It is a highly customizable and scalable solution that can fully meet the commercial management requirements of small, medium and large enterprises and is continuously following the issues arising in the utilities industry, including the constant legal changes made by the regulatory authorities.

Rely on our experts

  • It has a module that integrates with MDM and Smart Grid, to manage readings, cuts and reconnections.
  • Fast and constant updates as a result of legal changes, mainly in the electricity sector, which is characterized by constant regulatory changes. It shares understanding and costs when adapting to legal changes.
  • The customer service module uses all the technologies and communication channels available to improve the relationship with the customer.
  • It provides a robust and scalable service management module with proven efficiency in successful case studies using native or third party integration.
  • The billing module works with various supply and billing contracts, from simple residential electricity accounts through to complete calculations for customers with seasonal or hourly contracts with more than one measuring point, and unregulated customers.
  •  The collection module has collection mechanisms and service suspension communication. It sends information to credit rating agencies, it handles outsourced collections and judicial collections, in addition to payments in installments with differentiated authorization profiles based on value and workflow.
  • It can integrate services with payments, allowing other agents to provide services to the consumer such as: printing copies, inquiring about debits, requesting a reconnection, updating registration details, paying accounts, etc.
  • It has an analysis module, to identify potential fraud and perform audits and billing. It can integrate with technical or operational measurements to identify where the largest losses are occurring.
  • The closing module allows easy integration with various accounting and taxation systems, such as PwSati, Syncrho, Mastersaf and SAP, etc.