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SONDA's integrated transport solutions cover integrated systems for Collection Management (Ticketing) and distributing this information to various service providers (Clearing), Fleet Management and Information for Users. It can provide "end to end" integrated solutions covering the complete cycle for a public or private transport system that integrates all its components, such as equipment and IT software and services.

Contamos con un equipo de especialistas en este complejo mercado, que poseen el conocimiento y la experiencia para implementar y operar soluciones adecuadas para responder a las necesidades específicas del negocio, ya sea para grandes flotas de transporte público, flotas privadas o sistemas intermodales integrados de transporte (trenes, buses, ascensores, trolleys).


Estos traen consigo importantes mejoras en seguridad y comodidad para los pasajeros y choferes, además de propiciar el desarrollo de sistemas de transporte más complejos, integrando servicios y modos de transporte que permiten a las autoridades tarificar en la forma más apropiada, eliminando el dinero en el bus a cargo de los choferes.

The SONDA Collection System can include:

  • Electronic payments using contactless cards
  • Network of card recharging points
  • Integration of tariffs between various transport modes
  • Transaction reception, settlement and repository
  • Service monitoring
  • Multi-operator and multi-modal operation
  • Monitoring tools
  • Distributing collections between various transport operators, using business rules defined by the user (Clearing)
  • Processes and data that are secure and reliable
  • Data-Warehouse with management information


The support solution for Fleet Management controls, monitors and manages a bus fleet online, using geo-positioning and other information from equipment installed on each bus.

  • Multi-operator
  • Fleet monitoring and display using GPS
  • Fleet management
  • Tools to optimize, manage availability, monitor and control the service
  • Online management information for the operator and the authority
  • Processes and data that are secure and reliable
  • Data-Warehouse with management information

The SONDA Fleet Management System is responsible for incorporating the business practices required by both Transport Concession Operators and the corresponding Transport Authority (Ministries, municipalities, etc.). Transport Concession Operators at various SONDA projects have been involved in identifying new functionality to support fleet operation. Therefore, this system evolves as the entities that participate in the project develop.

SINOPTICO is a solution for transport businesses, and is composed of the Sinoptico, Planning and Reporting Modules. The Synoptico Module is the most important, as it manages and monitors the fleet of various Transport Concession Operators online. It uses voice and data communication between the Fleet Operations Center (FOC) for each Business Unit, and buses on their defined routes. Additionally it displays on-line the pre-defined indicators that measure compliance with timetables, routes and frequencies.


This integrated system consists of tools designed to provide public transport users in the city with information. It reduces uncertainty when planning trips, provides information points regarding various aspects of the system, manages their concerns and complaints, and provides the general public with information.

  • Web-based Information Portal
  • Public address and audio system within the fleet
  • Information panels for each vehicle
  • Information panels at stations
  • Bus arrival predictors for users

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