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Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management solution controls, monitors and manages a bus fleet online, using positioning and other information from equipment installed on each bus.

SINOPTICO is responsible for incorporating the required business practices, as defined by transport concession operators and by the Ministry of Transport or its corresponding entity. Transport concession operators have been involved in identifying new functionality to support fleet operation. Therefore, this system evolves as the entities that participate in this project develop.

SINOPTICO is a solution for transport businesses, and is composed of the Synoptic Module, Planning Module and Reporting Module. The main module is the Synoptic Module, which manages and monitors the fleet of various business units online. It uses voice and data communication between the Fleet Operations Center (FOC) for each Business Unit and buses on their defined routes. Additionally it has on-line visualization of pre-defined indicators associated with timetables, routes and frequencies.

This solution is used by more than 75% of Transantiago Business Units. In addition, the Ministry of Transport uses this tool to exercise its supervisory role through the Bus Monitoring Center (BMC), which covers daily operations for the entire fleet of 6,400 buses.

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