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Comply E-Docs

There is growing demand for effective tools to automate electronic tax invoice processes, as the printed version of this document was has been completely superseded. This has required the electronic receipt of information contained in tax invoices generated by the billing systems of other companies.

The SONDA Comply E-Docs solution transmits information to SEFAZ in a practical and efficient manner, where transmission packets are generated in accordance with the rules defined in legislation. The system provides the transmission results. It receives the numbers of protocols sent by SEFAZ and receives the recommended suggestions. It provides a control panel, so the user can keep track of progress with his transmissions and returns.

The Comply E-Docs system prepares customers throughout the life cycle of information, both in its issue and reception and stores the distribution XML.

Rely on SONDA to improve your billing tools, optimize your time and reduce unnecessary costs.

Value for your business

  • Includes multiple SAP environments.
  • Enables the tax invoices that should be considered in NF-e to be selected.
  • The NetWeaver platform is not required to extract information from NF-e.
  • Processes are scalable.
  • Enables 9 digit numbering to be used for NF-e in Standard SAP.

Rely on our experts

For city authorities

  • Allows full customization (HTML) of invoice distribution e-mails.
  • It notifies impending digital certificate expiry by e-mail.
  • IT E-mail: it automatically communicates with the IT Manager when technical problems occur.
  • It transfers data securely and with good performance.
  • It supports multiple communication protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, TCP and IPC.
  • It supports multiple databases, such as SQL Server and Oracle.


Graphical interface

Sends the DANFE

and distribution XMI in PDF format, immediately after its use has been authorized.

Automatic printing

print control, batch printing, reprinting and DANFE import in PDF format.