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Livestock Traceability

Cattle traceability systems are a response to the health crises that have occurred over the past few years, and genetic selection requirements. These have evolved into stringent requirements by international markets due to the globalization of the economy.

The livestock sector was obliged to develop technological tools to meet these requirements, and specifically to regain the confidence of the markets following the damage done by foot and mouth disease and other health emergencies. These included the appearance in England of “mad cow disease” (1986) and in Japan of atypical forms of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (1996) in human beings, which had been transmitted by eating certain foods.

The recovery of consumer confidence in beef depended on guaranteeing the origin of this product, to the point that consumers would be prepared to consider buying beef again. This entailed clearly identifying the sanitary conditions at slaughter houses and milking plants, and factories where meat and dairy products are processed; in fact even at the farms where cattle are produced, bred and fattened.

The Livestock Traceability System developed by SONDA is strengthening its position as a powerful tool that gives producers a competitive advantage on the global beef market. It has the potential to be extended to other species and markets that require a traceability system to control and monitor various aspects of production processes, from the source right up to delivery to the potential customer or distributor.

Our system creates, guarantees, maintains and improves traceability within the beef production chain, and the health and safety of meat and dairy products from a particular region or country, whether for domestic consumption or for export.

Our solution safely integrates information in a centralized database, which is updated online and provides an instantaneous response, through the use of real time technologies, computers, networks and the Internet.

It also unifies product marketing information and provides consumers with a reliable product, from a known origin, obtained through an effective process. This strengthens the image of safe, high quality food.

At SONDA we are pioneers in the development of livestock traceability solutions that comply with the requirements of major markets all around the world. Our solutions currently certify the traceability of beef produced in Uruguay and Colombia, which are major producers and exporters of meat in the region.

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