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Family Office Investment and Asset Administration

A Family Office is an organization dedicated to managing the funds and investments of high wealth families. These services have increased in recent years, and require the professionalization of long term money management.

There are two categories of family office, the single and the multifamily office. The former are created by the business/family group themselves, and are composed of family members and financial advisors as consultants.

Sometimes, the Group investment holding company is used, or another company created for this purpose. The multifamily office have two or three investment executives with extensive market experience, and a back office structure composed of five to ten people. Generally they provide investment advice to families. They are responsible for operations and manage relationships with banks or stock-brokers.

SONDA has developed an IT solution for this niche, consolidating products that already operate in the market today, with the aim of providing support to Family Offices in the management of their portfolios. This service includes Investment Portfolio Management through Software as a Service (SaaS), which presents all the information of value required by administrators to manage the portfolio, including a daily unit valuation.

  • Both domestic and foreign fixed and variable income financial instruments are registered and valued.
  • Any hedge contracts used to protect the portfolio against exchange rate and inflation risks are registered and valued.
  • Expenditure incurred in administrating each portfolio is recorded.
  • Commissions payable for portfolio management are calculated.
  • Portfolios are valued using purchase or market prices/rates.
  • Capital contributions and withdrawals are managed.
  • A daily valuation of each portfolio is provided, to obtain a unit value.
  • Multiple funds and multiple currencies are administered, for valuing and settling transactions.
  • Information can be generated for an accounting system.