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It is essential that companies understand their processes, investments and expenditures, to achieve success in complex corporate markets. Therefore, a stable and modular business management system is vital that integrates data and presents it in a useful manner.

SAP is the leading global business solution and the most complete solution for business management. At SONDA we assist our customers to evaluate the version most appropriate to their requirements. SAP ERP is aimed at large enterprises and SAP All in One at medium-sized enterprises.

SAP has over 43,000 customers across 120 countries, and offers 26 industry specific solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each.

Substantial investment in R&D ensures the quality, innovation and long-term scalability of the solution, making this a safe and profitable investment. SAP is more than an ERP. It is a business platform focused on processes.

At SONDA we are globally recognized as the largest sales channel for SAP in Latin America, with over 450 projects successfully implemented, and over 15,000 user licenses sold. Our goal is to ensure that our customers get the best use out of SAP technology.

We employ over 2,500 consultants focused on selling User Licenses (ULs), consultancy, implementation projects and Help Desks. At SONDA we offer our customers the benefit of our broad experience, to develop the most appropriate business management project for them.

As a SAP business partner, we offer the most comprehensive selection of associated services and products, which include: license sales, implementation and commissioning services, help and support desks, academies or closed courses, basic hardware and software supplies, hosting or housing solutions, etc.

SAP Business Suite

The integrated applications included within the SAP Business Suite help our customers to execute and optimize their business and IT strategies. This tool gives our customers the ability to execute essential processes that are specific to an industry, and to support the business with modular solutions that are also designed to work with non-SAP applications.

Departments and organizations in all industries can commission their business applications in a structured manner to achieve their goals at their own pace and with cost-free upgrades. Our business applications provide better understanding and visibility throughout an organization, improve operational efficiency, and increase the flexibility to absorb changes.

At SONDA we help our customers to incrementally adjust their SAP Business Suite applications, through packaged mechanisms, which minimize the requirement for expensive upgrades that consume time.

SAP Business Suite applications increase visibility for departments through clearly presenting silos of information that occur naturally in enterprises, improving their ability to make clear business decisions and eliminate process bottlenecks.

SAP Business Suite incorporates best practice within the IT industry and contains complementary applications specific to certain industries, in addition to the SAP Business Suite core applications: SAP Customer Relationship Management, SAP ERP (enterprise resource planning), SAP Product Lifecycle Management, SAP Supply Chain Management, SAP Supplier Relationship Management.

SAP All In One

Medium-sized enterprises are aware of the need to optimize the management of their products to prepare for potential growth in demand. However, the costs and timescales to implement a technological solution have become a determining factor in postponing this improvement in business management.

As small and medium-sized enterprises within a given business segment have similar business processes, they could share in the benefits of solutions developed for specific industries. SAP Business All in One is a suitable solution for the most common business challenges that all businesses require of their IT.

SAP All in One is a world class solution, designed for mid-market companies, that draws on the full potential of the SAP R3 solution, but incorporates best practice. It is possible to quickly and flexibly implement and adapt the solution, using pre-configured business scenarios and building block technology. This lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) and ensures a rapid return on investment (ROI).

Our customers can incorporate their own business scenarios that are specific to their industry into SAP All in One. It can meet the specific requirements of each business segment, transforming itself into a flexible solution that allows our customers to incrementally add greater functionality, as their business requirements evolve.

SAP All in One solutions cover the following business management scenarios: analytical, financial, control, logistical, commercial, productive, maintenance, quality control and human capital.

Our Experience

Success stories

SONDA provides complete BPO to Bunge to implant and manage SAP technology

Client: Bunge Alimentos, Brasil Industry: Manufacturing Solution: BPO y Soluciones SAP.

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The SAP BPC tool on Hana provides support to the CCR Group

Client: Grupo CCR Industry: Transportation

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The SAP ERP was implemented by SONDA IT and took to Innova to a new level of governance and compliance

Client: Innova Industry: Governance Solution: Following a stringent selection process, SONDA was chosen to implement this project.

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The Business Intelligence processes at Gomes da Costa become fully mature, with support from SONDA IT

Client: GOMES DA COSTA Industry: Manufacturing Solution: SAP

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