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Do you need to re-organize the administration of your company, to inject efficiency, improve inventory control or integrate information? Do you need a solution that not only meets your immediate requirements, but can also flexibly grow with your business?

At SONDA we have developed a robust management and administration tool for your business that resolves these challenges. FIN700 is a Business Management Software solution (ERP) for large and medium sized enterprises. It is a comprehensive solution that meets our customer’s requirements, and can be aligned with internal and external standards, procedures and practices.

FIN700 is designed to be a flexible, scalable solution that can grow and evolve with your company. It was created in Chile under its legal framework, and incorporates software industry best practice. In recent years it has been customized to meet the financial and accounting circumstances found in other countries across the region.

If your company has ambitious growth plans, FIN700 is the most appropriate tool to support their achievement in an organized and successful manner. It considers regulatory compliance, business culture and national conditions at the time of deployment, all of which eliminate the trauma usually experienced during the information migration and system commissioning processes.

The SONDA on-going support and maintenance service (continuous improvement service) provided for our customers is a long-term commitment to ensure that they are entirely satisfied. Our customers can rely on support from a multinational company that has been delivering world class applications, solutions and IT services since 1974.

At SONDA we provide a horizontal solution for your business that can integrate several departments within your company, but also a vertical solution as we have developed versions customized to specific industries, such as FIN700-Projects and Construction for engineering and construction companies, FIN700- Kupay for the wine sector, FIN700- Campos for agriculture.

Our tool has various modules that include:

  • Finance and Accounting: this module provides a financial overview of your company, by integrating information from all departments.
  • Fixed Assets: this module takes total control of your company assets, not only accounting for them, but also assigning responsibility for them, and tracking their location.
  • Purchasing: this module supports various purchasing models, allowing you to optimize purchasing processes depending on your requirements and the nature of the products and services being sourced.
  • Inventory: this module supports the physical stock count, and aims to establish and correct differences between physical and book balances. It is especially designed to support individual stock counts, and includes applications to register inventory, select items for counting, print inventory sheets, capture physical balances and finally to calculate the differences and post the corresponding adjustments.
  • Sales: this module automates sales activities, streamlines transactional issues and finishes by posting the legal documents to the accounts.
  • Remuneration: this module can rapidly handle a large volume of employees, easily processing data uploads, and making payroll calculation and control easy. It also controls holidays and supports salary recalculations.
  • Human resources: this module supports staff recruitment and selection processes and monitors staff training undertaken during the year.
  • Production: this module administers production, and controls operations and operators. It manages production by product code, and incorporates the respective raw materials, operations, and additional background information. It tracks production orders, and manages all aspects of production activity using an integrated approach, which encompasses scheduling production orders, work loads, material requisitions, and monitoring progress, etc.

FIN700 is represented in almost all industries and markets, operating in more than 1,000 companies, including major players in the areas of insurance, health, universities, manufacturing, ports, agriculture, livestock, fishing, finance, automotive, automobile dealers, etc.

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