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ERP FIN 700 Kupay

Kupay is an ERP specifically designed to resolve the issues posed by the wine industry, from grape cluster to export.

Our solution is designed using a modular structure, and ensures traceability from the vineyard through to the final product, so providing vineyard managers with information regarding the entire value chain. This includes costs, grape harvest progress, how the grapes are used and all warehouse movements. It enables grapes to be sold according to the amount of wine they produce, instead of the traditional price per kilogram.

We provide all the installation and implementation services for this software, together with the necessary training. We also provide basic support and on-going support services, and we take care to keep our customers informed of new updates. Kupay is designed using a modular structure and is a unique tool for vineyard management. It can be either purchased or leased.

Solution modules

  • Fields: This module supports vineyard management, from budget management through to machinery assignment. It produces detailed and updated information on the results of this process.
  • Contracts: This module improves the raw material procurement process from third parties, from the purchase contract through to payment. It ensures that purchases are well controlled and information is kept secure.
  • Weight: This module aims to refine the weighing process, starting with electronic weighing and finishing with axle weights. It improves data collection and control.
  • Fermentation:This module is designed to optimize the transformation of grapes into wine, from the receipt of raw material through to tasting. It ensures that greater detail for each production unit is recorded.
  • Production: This module optimizes the packaging from the labelling stage through to the customers request for wines. It ensures that costing and planning can be achieved at a greater level of detail.