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Construction Work ERP FIN700

FIN700 is the ERP from SONDA and is designed using modules that specifically support the complex projects undertaken by construction companies. It improves key aspects, such as inventory control, preparing budgets and managing contractors.

We have several different modules and applications integrated into FIN700, that constitute a concrete solution to cover all the various stages and processes involved in the planning, management and marketing of property, infrastructure and civil engineering projects.

  • Construction budget modules:these are geared toward supporting the budget or study proposal and associated implementation deadlines. It enables our customers to perform a Budgetary Control of Works, using the Standard Control Budget and the Centralized Budgetary Control of Works.
  • Construction execution modules: these enable contractors and labor to be managed, including the “treatment” of each activity or item, material consumed and the use of machinery.
  • Construction contract modules: these support an efficient management the business relationship between the principal and the construction company, including change control, payment statement preparation as the work progresses, and management of quotes and retentions relating to a property until it is completed. This module is designed to be used for the construction of houses or apartment buildings, parking lots, commercial premises, etc.
  • Construction control solutions: these control the project using direct field data feeds, eliminating manual processing and handling of information, which is inefficient and causes many errors. We use integrated mobile data-capturing equipment.