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Content Management

The information gathered by organizations is a fundamental asset, so its intelligent and efficient management becomes a key issue as organizations grow and expand. How to best use this information to improve decision-making, and optimize the interchange, use and security of information generated by various projects carried out within organizations.

The SONDA Content Management solutions are called Enterprise Content Management and are composed of technologies, specific IT services, tools and methodologies to ensure complete control over the life cycle of information. They span the collection, management, storage, preservation and distribution of information within and outside the company, providing secure access to documents, guaranteeing compliance with internal and external regulations, integrating activities and reducing operational costs and risks.

Our Content Management solution includes Java software services with specific indicators for enterprise content management, training, process analysis and redesign, outsourced typing, evaluation of heterogeneous environments, application and hosting management, application support and managed services.

The main Enterprise Content Management tools that we use are EMC Documentum, AplicationXtender, Microsoft SharePoint, and eRoom.