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Business Intelligence

Building IT into business processes within organizations generates a huge amount of data, which relate to products, distribution channels, customers, the logistics chain, etc. This data is extremely valuable for management decision-making.

However, its management and analysis is not easy, and requires various concepts, processes and systems that are collectively called Business Intelligence (BI). The objective of business intelligence tools or information management is to optimize the use of business and market information, to improve strategic and operational decision-making.

The reasons for implementing a corporate BI project could be to identify and retain top customers, increase the efficiency of direct marketing campaigns, understand the profitability of products and branches, promptly detect fraud, calculate minimum stock levels, etc.

Our BI solutions include:

1. Management Control Systems

  • Corporate Datawarehouses.
  • Departmental Datamarts.
  • Descriptive and predictive modeling.

2. Fraud Detection Service, Smart Scanning: We provide our customers with a tool that incorporates the best IT industry practices and technologies in fraud detection.

3. ROI Evaluation for Business Intelligence Projects: We provide consultancy to support the financial justification of a BI project and measure its results over time.

4. ASP BI: Our customer provides us with information and we take care of the project and its operation.

5. Scan BI: We provide consultancy to explore BI opportunities and prepare feasibility analyses.

We have developed pioneering BI projects in sectors such as health, retail, telecommunications, mining and finance. Our extensive experience has provided us with tremendous knowledge about this technology, the business problems within these industries, and the optimum process to ensure these projects are correctly implemented.

At SONDA we have alliances with Microstrategy, with SAP particularly their BW module and with other major providers of BI solutions.

Our Business Intelligence solutions:

  • Calculate stock levels.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Detect fraud.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Segment customers, based on behavior.
  • Perform predictive maintenance, to avoid critical equipment failure.
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