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Integrated solutions that increase the efficiency and transparency of public services.

An important objective for governments and public institutions is efficiently managing public services with an emphasis on transparency. This results in strengthening democracy, by encouraging citizen participation, improving monitoring mechanisms and making more public information available to citizens. Also it results in improvements to the use of public resources, by increasing efficiency, improving management and achieving economies of scale. These objectives result in improved quality of life for citizens and improve their perception of public services.

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Success stories

Belo Horizonte reduces tax evasion using a SONDA solution

Client: Municipality of Belo Horizonte, Brazilian Regional Government Industry: Governance Solution: Development of customized Digital ISS software

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A traceability system for cattle in Uruguay that guarantees their quality

Client: Ministerio de Ganadería, Agricultura y Pesca, Gobierno de Uruguay Industry: Governance Solution: Sistema de Identificación Ganadera

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SONDA solution enables governments to improve the transparency and optimization of State Procurement processes

Client: Government of Chile Industry: Governance Solution: State Procurement processes

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The District Attorney’s Support System is a key tool for Criminal Procedure Reform in Chile

Client: Ministry of Justice Industry: Governance Solution: Sistema de Apoyo a los Fiscales (SAF)

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A major project to modernize public services is an identity card and passport system

Client: Government of Chile Industry: Governance Solution: Chilean Identification, Identity Card and Passport System

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The Costa Rica Finance Ministry is modernized with one of the largest technological renewal and storage solutions in Central America

Client: Costa Rica Finance Ministry Industry: Governance Solution: Server Consolidation and Virtualization. Storage and Backupce

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Treasury General of the Republic reduces costs and optimizes resources via Server Virtualization solution

Client: Treasury General of the Republic Industry: Governance Solution: Virtualización y Consolidación de servidores

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ColombianRanchers Federation – FEDEGAN (by its abbreviation in Spanish) – Implements successful livestock traceability solution by SONDA

Client: FEDEGAN Industry: Governance Solution: IT Outsourcing

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SEDAPAL improve their response capabilities and service with SONDA solution

Industry: Governance

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ChileAtiende acquires a platform that is secure, reliable and scalable using a solution from SONDA

Client: Minsegpres Industry: Governance Solution: Cloud Empresarial

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