From the very beginning, we have focused on transferring technology to businesses and institutions in Latin America.


During 1975-1980, the company closed its first integrated outsourcing contract with the National Savings and Loans Association, and experienced sustained growth after becoming the representative for Digital Equipment Corporation in 1978. This was a successful North American manufacturer during the 1980s and 1990s.

During the first half of the 1980s, 1981-1985, SONDA began its international expansion, arriving in Peru in 1984, and continuing to develop high impact projects in Chile, such as the automation project at the Civil Registration Service in Chile, a flagship project for systems integration. In addition, it developed applications for the emerging markets covering private pension funds (AFP) and private health insurance (ISAPRE), and the first ERP designed by SONDA (SGS Management System).

Between the years 1986-1990, the company continued its process of internationalization, arriving in Argentina in 1986 and in Ecuador in 1990. In parallel, it developed successful applications for the banking industry in Chile and Latin America, an automated horse race betting system, and a tool to monitor environmental variables in Santiago.

During the first half of the 1990s (1991-1995), it completed several important projects to modernize public services, such as traffic control systems in Santiago and Sao Paulo, and private projects, such as the check exchange process, in addition to exporting its private pension fund solutions to Argentina and Peru. Moreover, it completed banking projects outside the region, in Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.

Between the years 1996-2000, it launched the successful ERP FIN 700 and completed important cellular telephone projects in Brazil. It generated solutions for health care providers and automated hospitals in Argentina, Colombia and Chile, and created SAP platform services for the State Copper Company (CODELCO). The business spread to Uruguay in 2000.

During the first five years of the new century, 2001-2005, SONDA continued to strengthen its regional expansion, arriving in Brazil in 2002, Costa Rica in 2003 and Mexico in 2004. In parallel, it participated in important projects, such as developing a new Chilean identification system for the Civil Registration Service in Chile, an integrated SAP outsourcing project for CODELCO, a high value payments system for the finance industry in Chile (Combanc), tax collection systems in Brazil, livestock traceability systems in Uruguay and Colombia, a pension fund solution in Brazil, and a public procurement portal in Chile.

México, D. F.

During 2006-2009 it launched a successful IPO on the Chilean stock market and acquired the Technical Support Division from Qualita in Mexico in 2006, the prestigious company Procwork in Brazil in 2007, and Red Colombia in 2008. These acquisitions strengthened its presence in these important markets. The company was incorporated into the IPSA in 2008 (an index that reflects the forty most heavily traded stocks on the Chilean Stock Exchange) and during 2009 it successfully completed its first bond issue. It participated in important public modernization projects, such as technology supplier to the Santiago Public Transport System (Transantiago - Bip! card), and implemented public procurement portals in Colombia and Panama.

During the following years, 2010-2011, it developed important projects, such as an IT and SAP Service Desk for Petrobras in Brazil. It also completed major acquisitions in Brazil: Telsinc, Softeam and Kaizen, in addition to Nextira One in Mexico, Ceitech in Argentina, and Quintec. The latter was originally a Chilean company, but is now multinational with businesses in Chile, Argentina and Colombia. Furthermore, it was a pioneering company that provided Enterprise Cloud Computing services, accompanied by the construction of a new Tier III datacenter in Chile and new headquarters and datacenter in Brazil. It continued its valuable contribution to public transport systems when it was awarded an ambitious public transportation project in Panama.

During 2012-2013, the company increased its capital by 100,000,000 new shares, which raised close to US$301 million. In parallel, SONDA agreed a regional partnership with EMC for all Latin America, and received various awards: the SONDA Datacenter in Quilicura won the Datacenter Dynamics Award for 2012; and Cisco awarded SONDA their Cloud Partner of the Year for 2011 (LATAM). The companies PARS and Elucid were acquired in Brazil.

Datacenter de SONDA Quilicura entre los mejores del mundo en eficiencia y diseño.

During 2014, the acquisition of CTIS in Brazil was completed, and a US$60.6 million corporate bond was issued. It achieved the highest Cisco qualification in Cloud services and communications, and has been awarded the contract to develop the fare collection system for the Panama City metro, which involves a ten year concession for a total of US $12.21 million that will be integrated into the Cisco Intercloud network. SONDA has also been recognized as the principal sales channel for HP servers in Latin America. It received the Brill Award for Efficient IT for the design of its Tier III datacenter, which is among the 15 most efficient in the world, and recognized as the only one in Chile with a latest generation anti-seismic system. CEEE signed a contract with SONDA in Brazil, to support the expansion and modernization of the electrical system in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. While the Chilean Uniformed Police renewed its platform for personal computers with a SONDA Managed Device Services solution, and the Chilean Environmental Assessment Service purchased Hosting services at SONDA's Datacenter.


During 2015, in Chile the Metro in Valparaiso purchased an integrated electronic fare collection system that was implemented by SONDA for trolleybuses and elevators in the city of Valparaiso. In Panama, it implemented a technological integration project that can recharge cards for the Panama Metrobus and Metro from mobile phones. In Brazil, it implemented a solution that reduced the evasion of payments for household energy by 50%% in Sao Luis do Paraitinga in Sao Paulo, using the Internet of Things (IOT) technology. In El Salvador, it continued to expand its network of services for the public transport system, by commissioning a Public Transport Operators Control System in the city of San Salvador. In parallel, SONDA continued to receive important awards, such as \Cisco Partner of the Year Data Center 2014\ in Ecuador for the second consecutive year, and \Cloud Builder of the Year Latam\ from Cisco. In addition, the National Prize for 2015 in the Business Category from the College of Engineers, which is a professional association that unites leading engineers across the country.