Foreign Trade Solutions

At SONDA we have been pioneers in the development of complementary applications for SAP in Brazil, which include Tax and Accounting Management, Financial and Logistical Control and Foreign Trade solutions.

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PW.CE (Foreign Trade System)

The automation of import, export, exchange and drawback processes is usually complex and expensive for most companies. A solution that automates these processes and is integrated into the company's management system (ERP) is extremely difficult to find.

However, PW.CE is a foreign trade solution seamlessly integrated with the SAP ERP system. It is recognized as the only SAP approved system in Latin America with the seal "Powered by Netweaver", PW.CE was written in ABAP, which is the base language for SAP and integrates foreign trade requirements into SAP technology.

Using on-line real time transactions this solution is an integrated SAP ERP module, completely automating foreign trade processes.

PW.RECOF (Industrial Warehouse Customs Regime System)

The Industrial Warehouse Customs Regime System under Computerized Control, PW.Recof, has been developed by SONDA. This technology enables our customers to manage and control all their imported consumer goods processes.

Our customers can import goods and suspend all taxes, thereby purchasing goods on the domestic market to be industrialized for subsequent sale in external or internal markets, with IPI suspended. This offers a significant cost reduction, in addition to other benefits such as rapid offloading, preferential warehouse rates, co-qualification of suppliers, replacement of beneficiaries, etc.

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