Information technology is evolving at an accelerating pace. Therefore, IT infrastructure needs to be regularly renewed to avoid obsolescence and ensure that it is sufficiently efficient and flexible to promptly respond to the needs of customers, employees and shareholders.

The majority of market-leading companies are aware that significant growth requires a solid IT foundation that can successfully accommodate it and thereby decrease operational risk. A key question is therefore: Which IT infrastructure most appropriately fits your business and cost structure?

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At SONDA we offer a full range of hardware equipment. We have the necessary experience to efficiently integrate, support, maintain and operate these devices. We employ professionals who have specialized in various IT equipment tools to design the most appropriate solutions for our customers, whilst maintaining total independence from manufacturers.

We are a multi-vendor integrator with the necessary independence to choose the most appropriate technologies to meet our customers requirements. These are based on agreements with our partners, which include the principal IT industry manufacturers.

At SONDA we comply with industry standards when implementing the highly complex technical projects required by our customers. These are aligned with best market practices and recommendations from the major manufacturers, whose technologies are being integrated. We ensure that each of our professionals is sufficiently well trained to guarantee that our projects operate correctly, regardless of their level of involvement.

Therefore, we constantly evaluate the requirements of our business partners and their technologies, to guarantee that our professionalism and quality is more than adequate to provide solutions to our various markets.

We are work closely with various manufacturers, and we are qualified to distribute, integrate and support the technologies from: Aranda, Autodesk, Canon, Cisco, EMC, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Lexmark, McAfee, Microsoft, Motorola, Oracle, SAP, Symantec and VMWare.