Datacenter & Cloud Computing

Datacenter and cloud computing services provide our customers with computing environments that are safe, reliable,  flexible and contain redundancy. These are comprehensive Datacenter services on infrastructure owned by the customer or SONDA. Our cloud models are the ideal solution for organizations facing challenges, such as an explosive increase in demand, seasonal business cycles, or optimal resource use, etc.

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SONDA Datacenter services have been designed to help our customers manage IT risk and maximize performance using a suite of services to host, monitor, manage, optimize, operate and maintain servers, communications equipment, data storage, basic software and applications. They ensure operational continuity and information security, by offering a scalable infrastructure, so that our customers can implement their applications quickly and efficiently, according to their needs.

After decades providing world class Datacenter solutions and services, SONDA developed the first enterprise cloud service in Latin America in 2010, as a result of reflecting on the multiple needs of today's businesses. This service was designed to meet the highest quality standards required by large and medium-sized companies, and whose three fundamental pillars were security, availability and performance.

SONDA has Tier III certified datacenters in Santiago and São Paulo and with Network Operation Centers (NOCs) in Santiago, Mexico City and São Paulo, which underpin the quality, security and availability of services delivered by these datacenters, making them the most reliable and modern in Latin America.

Our enterprise cloud services have evolved in order to better satisfy our customers. We are committed to deliver the service or solution that best suits the needs of your business and take advantage of public, private, or hybrid clouds using the Multicloud model. This is achieved by combining the experience and knowledge of our IT professionals with their understanding of local and global markets in various industries. This can be a long-term alliance, since we can also implement and monitor the solution, constantly evaluating it against the demands of the market.



Mauricio Strello
Líder de Productos Gerencia Datacenter y Cloud en SONDA S.A.
José Orlandini
SONDA's Division Manager for Integration and Outsourcing Services
José Orlandini
SONDA's Division Manager for Integration and Outsourcing Services
Sergio Rademacher
SONDA's Cloud Computing Services Manager