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Public safety, Video Surveillance Uruguay (Public Security Solution)

Client: Interior Minister, Montevideo Police, Uruguay. Industry: Governance Solution: Urban Video Surveillance System


Install 900 cameras in defined zones. Implement a monitoring center. Implement an integrated video surveillance and emergencies system (SIVVE in Spanish). Implement a video image management center using centralized equipment. Integrate video analysis solutions and license plate detection.

Business Need

Improve security in several parts of the capital, using an efficient urban video surveillance system, which saves costs and optimizes resources in the fight against crime, and makes public protection more efficient.


Urban Video Surveillance System that includes supplying, installing and configuring the equipment and software necessary to capture, transfer, and safeguard active urban images; all the infrastructure and equipment required for the Monitoring Center, followed by integrated support and maintenance services for 5 years; the training and management of organizational change.


Crime in these zones decreased by 46% over the previous year. Montevideo is a safer city, according to the Interior Minister.


Greater visibility for the whole process of managing emergencies, a more agile response to emergency situations, proactive and preventive management of situations.

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