SONDA solution enables governments to improve the transparency and optimization of State Procurement processes

Client: Government of Chile Industry: Governance Solution: State Procurement processes


In 2005 the SONDA-iConstruye consortium implemented a State Procurement and Contracting System, which changed the way business was conducted with the State through its electronic platform. It became a meeting place between Public Services (ministries, municipalities, the Armed Forces, the Police, universities, state entities, and others) and all State suppliers, including those wishing to do so as individuals or companies.

The services provided by the consortium included Business Intelligence tools, which ensured that this information is appropriately managed, in addition to integrating other platforms. These included the electronic registration of State suppliers (, which began operating in April 2006. Plus a new feature callede-payment, which transformed this electronic platform into a system with a fully automated and transparent State procurement financial cycle.

The portal continued receiving awards, as e-payment was selected by the APEC Center for Digital Opportunity as another best e-practice for electronic government.


The story of a solution: SIMETRIA.NET

The portal, whose e-commerce platform is called SIMETRÍA.NET, was developed by our consortium. It operates a high availability service and is independent. In fact, few places in the world have the volume of transactions, concurrent users and interoperability of this heavily transactional portal.

SIMETRIA.NET is adaptable to the legal and cultural characteristics of any country, and may include complementary developments and e-learning applications. Its technology architecture uses Business Intelligence tools such as data mining, data warehousing and online analytical processing cubes (OLAP), and it can be integrated with digital signature systems. Its interface is fully Web configurable, flexible and easy to use.

The solution is based on .NET technology, which allows all companies and individuals who would like to do business with the State, to register on the portal and thereby become a new provider. With time it became easier to manage. Better management reports for suppliers and buyers were implemented, and the corresponding budgetary allocation was made visible throughout the procurement cycle, which helped to improve State transparency and modernization.


The success of this project lies in three key factors: a resilient technological solution that is user-oriented; an intelligent contract between the State and the supplier that includes the necessary incentives to ensure that the operator is committed to the results; and a business model that is based on a comprehensive operator close to users.

This has opened new opportunities, for both State entities and suppliers, due to the interoperability and integration of technologies from any company or country, which has made it possible to operate in other global e-marketplaces, such as SIMAP for the European Union.


  • The SIMETRIA.NET solution was developed by SONDA with iConstruye.
  • We provide comprehensive support.
  • We provide security, housing, hosting, and user training.
  • We use Business Intelligence.
  • Prizes: 2004: Prize for ICTS Development awarded by the Chilean Information Technology Association (ACTI in Spanish).
  • 2005: Prize for Best E-practice awarded by the APEC Center for Digital Opportunity.