Comprehensive Outsourcing for a large Ibero-American telecommunications company

Client: Movistar Ecuador Solution: Applicaction Management


SONDA Ecuador proposed a full-service Application Management solution to Movistar, a leading Ibero-American telecommunications company. This solution aims to efficiently manage the change requirements for the company’s applications, to ensure they remain aligned with corporate business strategy.

The scope of our services includes application design, coding, testing, commissioning and production, which we will provide using our own development platform, together with physical facilities. We shall use procedures, forms and standards referred to in our customer’s development methodology and security policies, to refine these applications.

Client Profile

Movistar Ecuador began operations on October 14, 2004 through the 100% acquisition of OTECEL S.A., the mobile telephone service concessionaire since 1993. Movistar is a leading global telecommunications company by market capitalization. Its business is focused on fixed and mobile telephony, with broadband as the key tool to develop both businesses.

Business Need

Outsource to streamline

As businesses become ever more reliant on technology, IT organizations need to react even faster to changes and manage greater risk sensitivity by using the stability and protection of their technological environment. SONDA is aware of this challenge and we offer a complete portfolio of services and solutions, ranging from Outsourcing a specific IT component at a company, through to complete IT Outsourcing where we take responsibility for the entire IT operation.


Therefore, our Application Management service provides Movistar with standards, process management and planning, to increase the speed and consistency of change implementation, in addition to minimize the risks to the business.

Diego Burgos is Outsourcing Services Manager at SONDA Ecuador and he mentioned that: “It is becoming increasingly necessary to implement new combinations of outsourced technology services, but still provide a reliable technological environment that contributes to achieving business objectives.”

This SONDA service contract with Movistar Ecuador complements existing Help Desk services provided to its subsidiary Movistar since June 2005. These cover technical and onsite support for hardware, base software and customer applications, in addition to a Desktop Utility service.


  • Many solutions for changes in applications.
  • Help Desk and Desktop Utility.