Miniclinic offers fast health service with SONDA solution

Client: MINICLINIC Industry: Health Solution: Innovative and efficient health service that provides prompt medical assistance, at a competitive price Category: Health


Miniclinic is an innovative new concept adopted in Chile for primary health care, which has defined as one of its pillars, the reliance on information technology. The project seeks to provide quality healthcare services that are close to the homes of their future patients.

For this it was necessary to operate with an electronic medical record that had a fast implementation and usability, in order to facilitate its doctors and professionals, registration and administration of the medical history of their patients.

Miniclinic trusted in SONDA’s Medical Desktop Suite solution, as a key-in-hand product and service, tested and operational at several medical centers in the country with similar characteristics in terms of medical records. In addition, as part of Miniclinic’s business model is to avoid scheduling of appointments, it operates through self-service modules where the patient must state the reason or problem which requires attention. With the SONDA system, the physicians can see their patients’ waiting list online, and once they enter the exam room, the data and information entered by the patient is already available.

Client Profile

Miniclinic is an innovative health service that aims to provide the population with prompt medical attention, without requesting previously scheduled appointments and at a competitive price.

This, with the aim of providing patients with quality health care that is close to them and at a lower cost.

Miniclinic is a chain of family medical care consultations, conveniently located next to large supermarkets, where it provides primary care service, which aims to provide solutions to common diseases, not emergencies: adult and pediatric consultations of low consideration, routine tests and checkups to prevent possible diseases. Thus, from minor burns to headaches and stomachaches, as well as measuring of cholesterol, glucose and pressure are some examples of what Miniclinic does via their team of professionals.

It currently has three offices located in the communes of La Florida, Macul and Maipu, with a projected opening of over 50 such offices within the metropolitan region as well as nationwide.

The model aims to primarily function in a chain system, as an alternative for people in terms of time, cost and availability that the traditional system does not have.

Business Need

Miniclinic’s goal was to use technology as support in as many processes as possible within the business that it was implementing in, in order to require the least amount of manual processes not related to the medical profession possible, i.e. conducting its operation as electronically as possible.

Therefore, it was essential to develop and/or integrate technological and computer based solutions that would allow the patient to arrive to the medical center and service themselves via a simple and friendly system, without the need for administrative staff in reception desk. In turn, the physician or health professional would already have the information that the very patient entered into to the system, before the moment of their meeting.


To meet Miniclic’s needs, SONDA implemented in doctors’ offices at their centers, the electronic medical record system, which allows the health professional to enter and record the patient’s medical information at the same time they are being examined. This electronic medical record is integrated online with Miniclinic’s self-service system, so that prior information of the patient’s health condition they entered via the kiosk is automatically transferred to the medical record the professional has at his disposal, in such a way that they know in advance the condition and history of the patient.

The solution also allows entering and printing recipes and tests orders that the doctor requests, so that the patient may go to any other clinic or pharmacy, with an order that is clear and readable by anyone in order to take exams or buy required recipes.

The system currently operates in 3 centers in the metropolitan region with 24/7 coverage nationwide, and because it is implemented using web technology operating over the Internet, it may also operate internationally if so required.


The solution implemented by SONDA in Miniclínica has allowed to manage the clinical information of the patient in all the enabled centers in an efficient way. In addition, the information entered in the system can be useful to generate statistics and thus to improve their processes and areas.


These are some of the benefits and improvements that have been achieved by the implementation of the Electronic Medical Record solution in the Miniclinic network:

  • Having a turnkey solution, completely standardized and aimed at Miniclinic’s business.
  • A solution that allows quick integration.
  • Allow health professionals to view and manage their patients’ medical information electronically, avoiding managing the logistics of paper charts and filing cabinets occupying physical space.
  • Ability to reduce waiting periods and expedite the appointment making process from the medical professional’s own exam room, rather than the patient requesting an appointment at the front desk each time, which is more relevant for chronic patients requiring constant health check-ups.
  • Connection from any point or physical location without special technological configurations requiring proprietary platforms.


Patricio Millas, Director Ejecutivo de Miniclinic:

“Una de las ventajas que hemos tenido con el sistema de SONDA, es que el médico puede ver la lista de espera de sus pacientes en línea, y una vez que éste ingresa al box de atención, ya se encuentran disponibles los datos e información ya ingresada por el mismo paciente.

Con lo anterior y el uso de las tecnologías hemos logrado hacer más eficiente el proceso de atención a los pacientes, además de contar con mejor información y más oportuna para la toma de decisiones, tanto desde el punto de vista médico, como comercial y operativo”.

Marcelo Castiglione, gerente de División Salud de SONDA:

“La solución para centros médicos de SONDA implantada en Miniclinic ha logrado optimizar los procesos clínicos y mejorar la gestión, ya que el sistema es capaz de entregar la información clínica de sus pacientes en línea y en forma oportuna, apuntando siempre a entregar una atención de calidad a un menor costo y al alcance de la comunidad.

La integración con el sistema de autoatención, ha permitido otorgar al personal clínico información previa en cuanto al estado del paciente, de tal forma que cuando el paciente entra a la consulta médica, el profesional ya tiene una noción del estado de salud de la persona que va a atender”.