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Laselva manages and maintains a renewed IT platform via SONDA solution

Client: Laselva Bookstore, Brasil Industry: Retail Solution: Managed Device Services


In order to achieve greater efficiency in their processes, Brazilian bookstore chain Laselva decided to entrust the outsourcing of their IT operations to SONDA for the next three years.

Thus, the bookstore chain, which has 65 branches located in over thirty regions of Brazil, seeks to solve the critical problem it suffered with the internal management of IT, by having a fleet of computers of different brands and models, different system versions, and different support providers at each branch.

Business Need

The decision to outsource

“We needed to make contracts with several local companies and that didn’t always work efficiently. We have branches in airports that operate 24 hours a day, so it was hard to find suppliers that had that type of coverage. When the system went down, so did productivity, “says Marco Aurélio Ferreira, CEO of Laselva Bookstore.


The agreement includes the implementation of our Managed Device Services solution, resulting in the replacement of about 100 computers and a similar number of printers, as well as the support of all IT operations and the implementation of a centralized Help Desk for hardware and software to manage the maintenance of equipment with SLAs in accordance to the needs of the bookstore chain.

The decision to outsource IT operations, had a direct impact on the reduction in the size of IT equipment in the bookstore chain. Of the five employees who worked in the previous process only one remained, the area manager. “The others were absorbed by SONDA, which also strengthened its team,” said the executive.


Agility and modernization

In every city where Laselva’s branches are located, SONDA acts as a focal point, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to provide a support and maintenance service that is fast and efficient. The renewal of equipment also provides the company access to sales information in near real time, allowing them to make business decisions based on information that is sound and updated.

“With the work of SONDA we have gained agility in solving everyday technology problems and we provide better services to our customers,” says José Eugenio Tierra CIO for Laselva Libreria.

Thus, the chain’s seventy stores are already working online with the new IT management system applied by SONDA and are harvesting the fruits of modernization.


  • Support to 65 branches.
  • Strengthening of work team


“With the work of SONDA we gained agility in solving everyday technology problems and provide better services to our customers”.

José Eugenio Tierra, CIO for Laselva Librería.