The Fate Aluar Group addresses growth and corporate consolidation using a solution implemented by a SONDA subsidiary

Client: Fate Aluar Group (Argentina) Industry: Manufacturing Solution: Asset Management


The most important companies in the Argentine Fate-Aluar Group succeeded in consolidating efficiency with dramatic improvements in productivity by implementing the MAXIMO EAM from a SONDA subsidiary SOLEX.

Client Profile

Two of the largest companies in Argentina that make up the Fate-Aluar Group, are precisely those that bear the name of this business conglomerate. Fate is the country’s largest producer and exporter of tires, while Aluar is the only manufacturer of primary aluminum.

Both plants are independent with different purposes and products and are located over 1,400 km apart. Nevertheless, a corporate decision at the end of the 1990’s chose to replace their customized internal maintenance solutions, because both had begun to lose functionality.

Business Need

Looking for the best

According to Hector Iannino, Group Systems and Telecommunications Manager: “The decision was aimed at implementing a system capable of supporting both companies during the sustained growth that they were experiencing, whilst incorporating the latest technology and various functional enhancements”.

They sought an asset management solution from a prestigious provider that could demonstrate experience of successful implementations in plants of similar complexity in various countries. They selected MAXIMO (version 3.02), the EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) system developed by US-based MRO, which carried the advantage of a regional support and service center operated by the SONDA Chilean subsidiary SOLEX.

In addition, the solution was capable of managing assets for companies with intense production. Aluar generates more than 275,000 tonnes per annum of primary aluminum where 75% is exported. Fate produces four million tires a year, exporting approximately 50%.


Eduardo Beltran is the Project Coordinator for the Group Systems and Telecommunications Department. He mentioned that at the time MAXIMO was chosen there were various opinions in this regard. However, it was finally selected for its strength, integrality, compatibility with existing applications, inclusion of modules already being used, whilst improving costs and adding new features.

After coping with the difficulties of a change in culture, the early benefits of this software quickly began to be felt. These included more efficient time management, an effective maintenance service and better control of the associated costs.

Parallel to commissioning the new Fate distribution center, a new concept in logistics was achieved by the end of the first year operating MAXIMO that resulted in improved customer service. Three years later the common applications of inventory, purchasing, and projects at Fate and Aluar were integrated.


Consolidating efficiency to improve productivity

With the benefit of experience, the Fate-Aluar Group decided to upgrade this tool taking into consideration each company’s requirements. Aluar migrated to version 4.03 and subsequently Fate migrated to 5.1, without any difficulties or incompatibilities between the modules common to both companies.

Mr. Beltrán added that a challenge faced by Fate was the upgrade to a web-based solution, which required a change in user interface and navigation. Some users resisted this change, as many found the web platform completely new and didn’t know how to follow workflow. However, as Mr. Beltran reports: “The skills and support from SOLEX were key to ensure that the software was successfully implemented”.

The main advantage of the new version for Fate is the incorporation of workflow functionality. “This concept streamlines and improves the management of work orders, and improves navigation,” he added. Meanwhile, Hector Iannino found the support from the SOLEX professionals “was fundamental and satisfactory, both for users and systems. We are very pleased with the product and your services”.

In recent years, MAXIMO has been the tool that has accompanied these companies in their growth by providing them with more efficient time management, better overall maintenance management and better budgetary control.

But the challenges do not end there. According to Mr. Beltrán, Aluar is planning a 30% expansion to their aluminum plant. In parallel, they are initiating the migration process to MAXIMO 5.2, with the aim of supporting the company as it expands and incorporating greater functionality.

Fate plans to expand its radial tire plant for trucks and is expected to increase production of automobile tires. For this reason he added that: “it is essential to consolidate the effective use of this web version, before taking the next step. For both Fate and Aluar, advances in the use of MAXIMO support the Group’s growth”.


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