Successful Alliance between Teletón and SONDA


The 2010 and 2011 versions of this massive event were technologically supported by SONDA’s cloud computing solution, which enabled a successful web dissemination campaign of the results of the Teletón minute by minute, besides propelling social networks linked to this organization and enabling access to the Web Show, the alternative to the TV broadcast by the open TV channels.

Client Profile

Teletón Foundation is a leading and pioneer entity in Chile that seeks to allow the integral rehabilitation of children and youth up to 20 years old that are afflicted by disabling neuro-muscular-skeletal diseases, and which emphasizes self-care and self sufficiency.

Teletón Foundation obtains its funds mainly through the Teletón event or other events organized by the foundation, and uses them to satisfy the needs of the Sociedad Pro Ayuda del Niño Lisiado foundation. These events are its main source of funding.

Business Need

The great challenge consisted in modernizing the Teletón platform with the aim of making it more flexible and capable of growing at the same rate as the Internet community. The main difficulty is accurately calculating the amount of visits the webpage will receive. For this reason, the possibility of acquiring scalable resources was fundamental.

The Teletón case is emblematic because with the traditional model, once the peak capacity had been reached, the website would have been saturated. Through Qumulos, Teletón was able to increase their capacity 48 times without having the service collapsing.


The decision was to support the web site, hosting and datacenter in cloud computing technology, which allowed providing quality services to the users connecting to the Teletón website through the use of an infrastructure with a great performance, availability and security.

Thus, instead of providing an amount of physical servers with non-flexible capacity, Teletón used a variable resources capacity, with the possibility of a four-fold increase in capacity during peak periods.


The solutions implemented by SONDA enabled an efficient and high quality service for all users visiting the Teletón website.

Due to its flexible platform, the site resisted the great flow of visits recorded during the Teletón event, even in peak visitation periods.

Therefore, while the website increased its capacity four-fold in 2010, recording more than 200 thousand visits (in two days), over the same period in 2011, more than 495 thousand visits were recorded without any inconveniences.


  • The capacity for fast response (in a few minutes) to unexpected changes in infrastructure demand, keeping the maximum levels of security, availability and performance.
  • The service provided by SONDA can be up to 80% more economic than the traditional model.


“In Teletón we wanted not only to be the main national crusade in the real world but also in the online world. For this we made an alliance with SONDA, a strategic partner with great support and leadership. Thanks to this, we were able to hold a successful Teletón without the typical problems derived from high concurrences of users and unexpected peaks. SONDA’s Entrepreneurial Cloud successfully met the challenge with outstanding results “.

Ximena Casarejos, Executive Director for Teletón Foundation